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Recycle. Reuse. Recreate.

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Artist Statement:

I have been an assemblage artist that works with 3D art since 2007. I started designing artistic pocket watches as a form of grief therapy. I now work with a variety of mediums.  Each of my designs are one of a kind. Many hours go into each piece from finding the perfect antique items to complete an idea in my head to hours of design work. I prefer to create with outdated, broken items to give them new purpose. Some pieces of work come easily, others may take years to complete. My work is designed to be passed down through generations.

Each of my Christmas assemblage pieces are secured in place. All can  be turned over without any components coming loose.  

I take great pride in my quality of work.


My pocket watch art has been featured on the TV show Texas Country Reporter and published in Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine. I have also had my work featured in numerous newspapers as well in many juried art shows.

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