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The 2020 Art Show

All June 2020@ Salina Country Club, Salina, KS

Artist Statement:  As the year 2020 has thrown us curves I wanted my art to reflect the same.  I created the visions I was given as random as they seemed.  To have the freedom to create what I want brings me joy. In this show you will see many different styles that speak to me.  Assemblage being the largest part of my show, then canvas work and finally paper clay sculpting.  I hope you enjoy visiting and thank you for taking the time to view my show. -


Charlotte Garrett

Before you purchase

  • Verify with artist piece has not sold at onsite show. text 325-203-3339

  • Artwork must stay at onsite show until end of June. Artwork will be mailed out first week of July

  • Shopping cart is working. 

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