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This uniquely made abstract man was part of an art challenge during the Covid 19 lock in by Mark Arts Center of Wichita, KS. This piece won. Thanks to all the people who voted for it. This was a new challenge for me mentally as I typically do not work in abstract forms.  I struggled for days and then it all came together.

I was fortunate to come across a solid wood guitar.  I also had the trumpet in my collection.  I have modified this piece from the original.  The eye has a 100 year old pocket watch cog with a compass inside of an antique camera flash bell.  The mouth is an antique pull drawer from the early 1900s or late 1800s. The other eye is the base of an old clock from the 50s. The piece below the trumpet actually play music when strummed. 


This piece is 38.5 inches long x 14"


Shipping not included in the price. 

Abstract Guitar Man

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